Yumi Park Huntington is an interdisciplinary art historian of ancient America. She specializes in South America, investigating ceramic objects, architectural structures, and other kinds of archaeological evidence from the past four thousand years. Her research emphasizes questions of cultural identity, intercultural transmission, and relationships between human construction and natural landscape.

Regularly conducting field research, Park Huntington frequently collaborates with archaeologists, anthropologists, and materials scientists working across the northern coast of Peru.

Park Huntington is also an accomplished teacher of the history of art, offering classes not only in ancient American art but also African-American art, Asian art, African art, art and social values, and more. She has led study-abroad travel and actively pursues innovative teaching methods with digital tools, online learning, and community-oriented projects such as public exhibitions.

Yumi Park Huntington is an associate professor at Framingham State University. She received her PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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